UV Printer Roland VersaUV LEJ-640F serija

Flatbed printing onto substrates up to 15cm thick

The VersaUV LEJ-640F prints CMYK, white and clear inks onto both flexible and rigid substrates up to 15cm thick. You can print white on a variety of clear or dark substrates for text and graphics that stand out. Use the transparent ink to create textures and embossing effects. With a wide bed size of 1.6m by up to 3.3m, the LEJ-640F lets you explore a broad range of applications, including packaging prototypes, signage and displays.

Specialty inks add value and enhance your creativity

The LEJ-640F outperforms traditional CMYK printers with the addition of white and transparent inks. With the high-opacity white ink, you can print crisp, bright text and graphics on a range of coloured and transparent substrates. The transparent (clear) ink can be layered to create textures and embossing effects. You can also use it for striking gloss and matte finishes.


The LEJ-640F can print on a wide range of materials: rigid, flexible and sheets. These include polyurethane, polystyrene, polypropylene, cardboard, aluminium panels, fluted and corrugated boards and acrylics. You can also print on sheets of flexible material such as self-adhesive vinyl, polycarbonate, PET, polyethylene and PVC banner.

Advanced technology

A fully-automated, built-in sensor determines the relevant print head height for each job. This feature prevents head strikes and ensures reliable, high-quality printing up to 1440 x 1440 dpi on substrates weighing up to 200kg.

Large UV-LED lamps increase productivity while lowering costs

The LEJ-640F features the latest generation UV-LED lamps, designed to cure Roland ECO-UV inks. This state-of-the-art curing system is safe to use and requires little power to operate. The lamps last up to 10,000 hours. The lamps automatically reposition themselves for optimum image quality in each print mode. *The life span of Roland UV-LED lamps may vary due to temperature and printing conditions.

Specifications LEJ-640F
Printing technology  6 heads piezo, UV LED
Media Dimensions Width 1,625 mm, Length 2,100 mm (extendable)
Thickness Up to 150 mm
Weight Maximum 200 kg
Printing area *1 LEJ-640 F210: Width 1,615 mm, Length 2,100 mm
LEJ-640 F250: Width 1,615 mm, Length 2,624 mm
LEJ-640 F320: Width 1,615 mm, Length 3,324 mm
Length out of range *2 1,870 mm
Ink cartridges Type Roland ECO-UV, 220cc
Colours cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white and gloss
Vacuum system Turbine 2,2 Kw (three-phase) with silencing system
Partition LEJ-640 F210: 4 selectable areas, LEJ-640 F250: 5 areas, LEJ-640 F320: 6 areas
Interface Ethernet Base 10/100
Printing resolution (dots per inch)  Maximum 1440 dpi
Movements Stepping motors 24,000 pulse/mm
Distance accuracy Error of less than ±0.3% of distance travelled, or ±0.3 mm (25°C)
Repetition on horizontal repositioning ±0.01 mm 
Control panel LCD B/N 6"
Job purposes Continuous, unloaded, return to origin, statified
Media height detection Manual / Automatic optical (laser barrier) for opaque materials
Surface homogenity check Optical (laser barrier)
Power requirements  AC 380 V three-phases (3+GND), switch plug 16A 50/60Hz
Power consumption With vacuum 2,700 W
Sleep mode 150 W
Acoustic noise level (with vacuum) < 70 dB
Air requirements Pressure from 4 to 7 bar
Volume *3 < 3 litres/hour
Environment Power on Operation temperature: 20-32°C, humidity 35-80% (no condensation)
Power off Operation temperature: 5-45°C, humidity 20-80% (no condensation)
Dimensions LEJ-640 F210: 3,184 x 3,283 x 1,300 mm
LEJ-640 F250: 3,184 x 3,760 x 1,300 mm
LEJ-640 F320: 3,184 x 4,455 x 1,300 mm
Printing bed height 895 mm
Weight Net weight LEJ-640 F210: 800kg, LEJ-640 F250: 900kg, LEJ-640 F320: 1050kg
Distribution On 4 points diameter 120 mm (1,510 x 2,910 mm)

*1 functional dimensions of vacuum bed.
*2 not covered length, out of printing unit.
*3 depends on number of starts of vacuum system, the air is used only for valve commands.
The usage of the machine is limited only to those instructed and trained by Roland. It is necessary to add the extracting air system.

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