ColibriDigital 1510 Series Ink


Ink of the 1510 series has the increased content of a pigment with a high index of light resistance. Eco-Solvent ink 1510 is eco-solvent so it‘s free from hazardous chemicals and almost odourless, and at the same time it has high resistance to the influence of the environment. Ultra high density and broad color coverage of the print allows to receive deep shadows with well-defining details that is necessary for the interior print and release of reproductions, and also for production of light boxes.


Print-Head Compatibility:

Seiko 508GS / 254GS

Ink Compatibility:

OKI® X Series


500 ml bag
1000 ml bag


C M Y K Gy Lc Lm 

Item Name / No. Description
Colibri Digital 1510 Series Ink 500ml BAG CD15100501CY Cyan, 500ml
CD15100501MG Magenta, 500ml
CD15100501YE Yellow, 500ml
CD15100501BK Black, 500ml
CD15100501LC Light Cyan, 500ml
CD15100501LM Light Magenta, 500ml
CD15100501GY Gray, 500ml
Colibri Digital 1510 Series Ink 1000ml BAG CD15101001CY Cyan, 1000ml
CD15101001MG Magenta, 1000ml
CD15101001YE Yellow, 1000ml
CD15101001BK Black, 1000ml
CD15101001LC Light Cyan, 1000ml
CD15101001LM Light Magenta, 1000ml
CD15101001GY Gray, 1000ml
  CD15101001CL Cleaning Fluid, 1000ml


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