Veika Balance ECO FAST


BALANCE ECO FAST. Veika’s ECO FAST ink was specially developed to encompass both ECO and MILD solvent properties. Print service providers can now benefit from a wide color gamut, fast drying and exceptional scratch resistance, and still enjoy an odor-free working environment.

What we offer?

Balance ECO FAST - most optimal balanced inks of the eco-solvent range for the wide-format difgital inkjet printing. As an experienced ink producer for a matured, high throughput analog printing sector, we pay a special attention to the right balance of properties as well as consistency and quality stability of the printing ink. We have optimized properties such as drying rate and exceptionally low odor, wide gamut and long term stability, scratch resistance and light fastness.

Company "Veika"

The company "Veika" was established in 1991, and production of printing inks and coatings on aqueous and solvent base started in 2001. The produced inks are used mainly for gravure, flexo and screen printing. Our products main application areas are wallcoverings and textile industries. We are producing more than 10.000 metric tons of products per annum in our plant in Vilnius, Lithuania - part of European Union. Since 2012, responding to market demands and printing trends we have invested more than 5 millions Euros in a new R&D facility and production of inkjet inks. Our production base is fully automized and capable of production up to 1000 metric tons per annum of inkjet inks.

Balance ECO FAST

Only components that have in a long term proven themselves for the inkjet application, and highest quality production standards coming from the perfected analog printing technology, are used for the production of Balance inks. We produce our ink in European quality and according to the ISO standards. We have received excellent feedback from Balance ECO and Balance ECO FAST users due to following reasons: 

         Perfect compatibility of our inks with OEM inks 
         Exceptionally low odor 
         Wide color gamut 
         Good printing properties at high speeds 
         Stable jetting properties 
         Easy start, even after one week printer hold 
         Long printheads life 
         Excellent long term stability 
         Superior scratch resistance 
         Proven light fastness 

Happy customers

Pavadinimas Aprašymas
Rašalai Balance ECO FAST 440ml kasetese VEF-440CY Cyan, 440ml
VEF-440MG Magenta, 440ml
VEF-440YE Yellow, 440ml
VEF-440BK Black, 440ml
VEF-440LC Light cyan, 440ml
VEF-440LM Light magenta, 440ml
VEF-440LK Light black, 440ml
Rašalai Balance ECO FAST 1000ml maišuose VEF-BAGCY Cyan, 1000ml
VEF-BAGMG Magenta, 1000ml
VEF-BAGYE Yellow, 1000ml
VEF-BAGBK Black, 1000ml
VEF-BAGLC Light cyan, 1000ml
VEF-BAGLM Light magenta, 1000ml
VEF-BAGLK Light black, 1000ml
Rašalai Balance ECO FAST 1000ml buteliuose VEF-1000CY Cyan, 1000ml
VEF-1000MG Magenta, 1000ml
VEF-1000YE Yellow, 1000ml
VEF-1000BK Black, 1000ml
VEF-1000LC Light cyan, 1000ml
VEF-1000LM Light magenta, 1000ml
VEF-1000CL Valymo skystis, 1000ml


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