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PLASTgrommet is its Engineering and Development Department, where the whole design of the eyelet setting equipment comes alive. Being manufacturers enables us to adapt to our customers; with machines for low, medium or high eyelet setting cycles. PLASTgrommet design and develop  products for more than 30 countries.



A great electric eyeleting press for industrial users.

Multipress has been designed with large volume users in mind, it is fast (electric), reliable (washer and eyelet detector), features a double washer raceway, it can work with fabrics as well as PVC banners and it will inform you when maintenance is due, a must have for companies finishing large number of banners.

Reasons to choose Multipress:

  • It can work with different types of materials: fabrics, corrugated plastics, clear foil, PVC banners …

  • Adjustable cutting pressure.

  • Adjustable eyelet closing pressure, even on thin fabrics material will not roll.

  • Eyelet and washers sensors, to prevent incorrect settings.

  • Touchscreen, allowing you to choose sensors, working mode, language, number of eyelets set ...

  • Laser pointer for accurate setting.

  • Double washer supply on raceway. If one side is empty the other automatically works. Reasons to choose Multipress:

  • Pre-cutting mode for special materials. When operator presses the pedal, machine will first cut the hole and then set the eyelet (no need to press the pedal again).

  • Operator safety first: if any of the security devices are removed, machine will not work showing a warning message on the screen.

  • Powerful engine (1 HP) with transmission belt. Extremely easy to unblock when operator sets one eyelet over another.

  • Being electrical means fast cycles, up to 50 eyelets per minute.

  • Easy maintenance: when it is due a warning message will be shown on the screen.

  • Eyelet spacer so all of them are set to the same distance.

  • Available for 12mm PLASTGrommet eyelets.



Load rolls directly from ground or rack

Use the Quick Lifter to avoid back injuries and to load alone media rolls directly from the ground to the printer with no effort. Handling media rolls is an issue at any print shop. With the Quick Lifter you will be able to feed printers up to 3.2 meters easily as it is battery operated

  • Load rolls directly from the ground using your hand or feet.
  • Battery operated, forget about crank handles or foot pumps.
  • Possible to lift up to 1.2 meters to load rolls from racks.
  • Lifting weight: maximum 150 Kilos.
  • Designed for rolls up to 3.2 meters wide.
  • You can move the lifter sideways to pass through doors (80 cm).
  • Loading rolls to the printer becomes a one person job.
  • QuickLifter is the best way to avoid back injuries among employees.

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